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Envision, The World’s First Environmentally Friendly Mega Yacht

Envision, The World’s First

Environmentally Friendly Mega Yacht

Where Technology Meets the High Seas!

By Devon Julian

From the moment you set your eyes on this yacht it is hard

and work began at the Riviera Yacht Center in Riviera

to believe. Step inside, take the tour, and you will really be

Beach, Florida, just five mile from RGF’s headquarters.

in awe. Just what is “Envision”? She is an environmentally

RGF maintains a full staff of over 100 engineers, design-

friendly mega yacht, perhaps the world’s first. Envision, a

ers, electricians, welders, carpenters, pipefitters, instru-

110′ aluminum motor vessel, is the brainchild of the RGF

mentation technicians, painters, etc. Work proceeded from

Environmental Group in West Palm Beach, Florida. RGF

bow to aft and mast to keel. The vessel was basically

was founded in 1985 by the owner and CEO Ron Fink. The

stripped to a bare aluminum hull. A 5′ bow extension and a

company has invented over 500 environmental products.

5′ aft stairway to the sea increased her length to 110′. The

RGF’s mission is to provide the world with the safest air,

salon and galley windows were enlarged and softened with

water and food without the use of chemicals. Envision is a

rounded ends. Hurricane and bullet-proof glass composite

floating showroom of RGF products, and over 50 are in use

was used for safety, soundproofing and reduced solar load.

on this vessel.

High density foam core insulation was used to triple the

How was the Envision concept conceived? The RGF

original insulation and sound proofing.

team’s mission was to build the world’s first environment

friendly mega yacht. A keyword in any environmental pro-

gram is sustainability. With that in mind, the team decided

to renovate an older tired aluminum yacht and recycle her

into a world-class enviro-friendly mega yacht.

Lady BeBe was a 100′ Broward charter boat out of

St. Croix, USVI, owned and operated by the owner of BeBe

Clothing Stores. RGF purchased the boat in August 2004.

She was hunkered down for a couple of Florida hurricanes

The RGF team’s mission was to build the

world’s first environment friendly mega


Envision staging being built

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The original wiring was replaced, as was the entire

main electrical panel. Mechanically she was rebuilt from rud-

ders to stabilizers to engines to generators to transmissions.

All new navigation was installed, as well as most controls.

The upper deck was extended 8′ aft to accommodate

an 8′ diameter pool/hot tub with an innovative clear bottom

providing water-diffused sunlight to the lower aft deck during

the day, and a water-diffused light show at night.

Envision’s upper deck extension and Stairway to the Sea

A massive U-shaped teak bar dominates the upper

deck. The addition of a radar arch and pipe mast opens the

upper deck as a major entertainment area.

One of RGF’s technologies is PHI® or Photohydroion-

Upper deck hot tub with the “Thongbrella” shade and

ization, a light-based electromagnetic energy that destroys

porthole bottom

odors, mold, bacteria, viruses and airborne organics. PHI® is

used by most Fortune 500 food processors as a food, air and

water sanitizer, and in many buildings for air purification.

RGF’s PHI® technology is used by the U.S. military and other

federal agencies, as well as major cruise ship lines for control

of mold, bacteria and Norwalk Virus.

Envision was equipped with PHI®-based systems for

water, air, food, laundry, sewage, exhaust and bilge treatment

resulting in a mega yacht with the purest air, water, food,

sewage, laundry and bilge in the world. Just step aboard and

Just what does PHI® do for a yacht? First is mold and odor

control, it is gone. Just walk on board, your olfactory will never

deceive you. Second is food safety and shelf life extension: up

to 40% extended shelf life for food treated with PHI®.

Water from the pool/hot tub to the potable holding

tank is crystal clear and pure. Nothing can ruin a soak in a hot

tub like chemicals. The hot water opens your pores and the

bromine or chlorine is readily absorbed into your skin as well

Envision’s engine room water treatment system

as the hot vapors entering your lungs. This is precisely why

your nose will tell the story, or better yet remove the cap on the

Envision’s hot tub is equipped with PHI Technology using

holding tank – no odor, not a cover up, just zero odors. Try the

friendly oxygen based oxidizers to maintain crystal clear and

bilge; again, no odor. The engine room is unbelievably pleas-

pure water.

ant to visit.

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fruits and vegetables which eliminates chlorine and pesticides.

The refrigeration unit eliminates refrigerator odors and bacte-

ria and increases food shelf life.

APS Air Purification System in Envision’s engine room

Next is safety. PHI® is not a passive system. It is an

aggressive system that sends out hydro peroxides and hydro

ions into the room, which aggressively kills bacteria, molds,

odors and viruses. Tests show a room with PHI® will kill 78%

Envision underway

during sea trials per-

forming beyond ex-

pectation. Trim fins

provide extra lift at

low RPM

Food Pure, a PHI®

system that has been

approved by the USDA

and FDA for commercial

Fortune 500 food com-

panies, provides safer food and increases shelf life.

PHI® Units are installed in the trash compactor for

odor and bacteria control, and also the ice makers, where

mold and the deadly Listeria bacteria are destroyed. Airborne

cooking grease is broken down to an oxidized white powder

for easy and odor-free disposal. Cooking and grease odors

are eliminated.

Envision’s Food Pure in galley

On laundry day you can forget about those unsightly pollut-

ing detergent bubbles surrounding the yacht. PHI cleans the

of sneeze germs at three feet. This also includes the dreaded

clothing as well and possibly better than your favorite deter-

Norwalk Virus and SARS. Independent lab tests for the Cruise

gent. PHI gases are injected into the wash and rinse water for

Industry provided a 99.99% kill of the Norwalk Virus.

an eco-friendly wash. Silver ions are added to the fabric for

The galley is equipped with a PHI water system that

ongoing bacteria elimination.

injects the activated friendly oxidizers into the water to wash

Now, the real challenge: a 20-year old engine room.

The door opens…shazam! Everything is white, clean

Main Salon

Page 3

Envision leaves the dock for sea trials

me to “Take a whiff”. You guessed it, no odor. The PHI® hold-

ing tank system eliminated the odors. Envision even has clear

Sunbrella bow cushions

hoses on the pump out system, and although I did not stick

labeled, and there is no odor, no fuel, oil, exhaust, bilge or

around for the show, the Captain assured me it will be a clear,

sewage odor; nothing! The white carpeting really set the

odor-free liquid.

stage, chrome and polished stainless steel is everywhere.

Fuel contamination is a constant battle for diesel pow-

RGF’s APS (air purifier system) provides VOC

ered vessels. Diesel fuel grows bacteria and algae that clogs

(volatile organic compounds) Free air VOC’s are the usual en-

filters, injectors and burns with dirty smoke; not something an

enviro-friendly vessel should have. A PHI Fuel Pure System

will continually pump fuel through a PHI cell where the high in-

tensity light based technology kills 99.99% of the bacteria and

algae. A filter then captures the dead organisms providing

longer fuel life and a cleaner and more efficient engine. By

using an electro/mechanical device you eliminate the tradi-

Envision’s new bow

gine room odor problem: fuel, oil, grease, mixed with holding

tank and bilge odors are the culprits.

For Envision’s most impressive act, my RGF host

opened the holding tank cap (which was 1/3 full) and invited

RGF’s custom underwater lights

tional chemical fuel treatments that can effect the sulphur con-

tent of the fuel and possibly cause metallurgical problems.

An RGF US Coast Guard approved Bilge Filter as-

sures no illegal overboard discharge of oily bilge water. The

RGF BOS Bacteria Odor System removes the usual bilge

odors. The BOS System, originally developed for commercial

sewer plants, can be found in each head on the Envision. The

unit is hidden in the cabinet and just a small 1/4” tube feeds the

advanced oxidation gases into the head bowl destroying odors

and bacteria instantly!

What about efficiency? To be enviro friendly, a product

must be efficient. The re-design of Envision included a rounded

transom to aid in handling following seas. Also 1,400 gallon,

split ballast tank system provided 10,000 lbs of ballast, 5,000

lbs each side. This provides a method of providing perfect bal-

ancing for a more stable and efficient ride. Also, a trim

Envision’s “Just For Fun” casino

Page 4

fin was added to prevent back wash at low speeds. This trim

fin turned out to be better than expected. Not only did she trim

out at 1,600 rpm, the entire stairway to the sea was high and

dry. The balancing is credited for her performance: 14 knots at

1,700 rpm and 55 gph. It will be hard to convince many that 55

gallons per hour is environmentally friendly, but for a 110′ ves-

sel it is quite impressive.

Another impressive feature was the lack of exhaust

smoke. Once again, a RGF technology called Hygenization™

Smoke Reduction, which is a combination of RGF’s hydrogen

ion cannon and REME®

, which reduces the particulate in ex-

haust and destroys many of the gases.

Environmental concerns encompass many aspects.

Most people think of chemical pollution of air and water

contamination. There is also visual pollution.

Recognizing the value of a totally unique mega yacht, Sun-

brella Corporation decided to use Envision as a showplace for

their new line of fabric, which includes furniture, cushions, pil-

lows, bedspreads, headlines, even a wedge-shaped upper

deck shade, which the RGF team promptly nicknamed a


Step into the master stateroom and your are greeted

with an open airy feeling provided by 4 oversized portholes.

The master stateroom is decorated in marble, granite, coral,

Library / guest room

The RGF team was determined to change the profile

into a unique and innovative design. With the aid of CAD,

scores of designs were reviewed, tested and rejected. In the

end, an old-fashioned French curve was used to design the

bow extension. The RGF designers found the French curve

next to an old slide rule in the back of a very old desk draw.

A just for fun casino was installed consisting of gen-

uine Vegas slot machine, poker and roulette wheel. To avoid

“visual pollution”, the casino was built onto a disappearing lift

as was the 42” LCD TV.

Master stateroom

sea glass and 9 different woods and veneers. Over 20 species

of woods and veneers were used onboard. All exotic wood

were purchased through World Panel Products Inc. which as-

sures that all the exotic species were farmed and proccesed

to avoid deforestation of our environmentally sensitive rain-

forests. the master also has an environmental friendly fire-

place for those “cold” south Florida nights. Needless to say

the fireplace is all electric but you literally have to touch the

flame to be sure its not real. The master head is equipped with

a massive 6’ x 6’ twin shower head marble and sea glass

shower. The sink is molded colored glass that perfectly

matches the deep purple sea color of the Atlantic meeting the

shallow turquoise water of the Bahama Bank just off West

End, Bahamas.

Dust mites are a serious environmental problem. Ap-

parently they live off our dead skin which is constantly flaking

Master stateroom

Page 5

age closed cell memory foam that literally seals out dust mites

avoiding another serious environmental problem. Of course

the master king size is also an oversized custom made 15”

thick memory foam mattress for an environmentally friendly

night’s sleep. Two spacious guest staterooms, one port and

the other starboard, are equipped with all the amenities of a

first class hotel, large closet, make-up table, LCD TV,

Port and starboard guest staterooms

DVD,CD, shower, jaccuzi,

memory foam mattress

and of course the purest

air possible. A redesign of

the lower deck included a

library with an over sized

porthole for extra lighting

and more of an open feel.

The library includes a wet

bar, refrigerator,LCD TV,

DVD, CD and video games

and converts to a double


off, a pleasant thought! The dust mites themselves aren’t the

The plans called

problem it’s their droppings that create a dust that can aggra-

for an underwater lighting

vate allergies. Traditional mattresses can have 2/3 of it’s

and video system. The

weight being dustmite feces, another pleasant thought. Envi-

lighting presented the team

sion’s 10 mattresses and 42 cushions are made of a space

with some challenges. First

Port entrance art center

was the rounded stern swim platform and second was suitable

commercially available aluminum housings. One of the advan-

tages of having a first

class factory of craftsman,

is you simply design, en-

gineer, fabricate and in-

stall your own. Four

10,000 hour LED super

bright underwater lights

were installed and work


Details were not

overlooked anywhere.

Even the powder room

features coral stone walls,

marble floors, and woven

wood door. In addition a

PHI Odor /

Lower hall art center

Bow cocktail table

Page 6

virovision is a realistic, practical ap-

proach that helps preserve all our nat-


ural resources: water, air, food and

energy. The concept, developed by

RGF Environmental Group, provides a

facility with safe, purified air, water and

food. The process encompasses a

broad spectrum of natural, non-chemi-

cal oxygen and light source based en-

vironmental technologies, combined

with conservation for a total eco

friendly, yet sustainable environment.

Resorts, hospitals, cruise ships,

yachts, food processors, and restau-

rants are embracing this program. The

benefits include a safer environment;


Bacteria System is built into the head

eliminating the need for a noisy ex-

haust fan. Custom crown molding, de-

signed and fabricated by RGF, is found

throughout…even in the helm. The

salon crown molding consists of 12 in-

dividual pieces and includes a low

noise and draftless heating and air

conditioning duct. The RGF team im-

ported a container of farmed teak for

many teak projects. Teak is laminated

and clearcoated in the massive 8’ x 8’

upper bar, the aft deck table seats 8

and the bow cocktail area features a

laminated teak surfboard table.

Every available space was

used to improve the visual environment. Two art centers oc-

cupy unused space. The mermaid includes underwater illumi-

Envision’s upper deck teak bar

nation and recirculation pump which feeds water to her shell

providing a pleasant water feature at the port entrance.

12 piece crown molding with built-in HVAC vent

RGF awarded Envision its Envirovision Award. En-

Page 7

lower utility costs, reduced liability and civil lawsuits, elimina-

The formality of some mega-yachts can be intimidating. Aside

tion of environmental compliance liability, reduction of em-

from being environmentally friendly, a visit to this mega-yacht

ployee sick time, all resulting in improved public image and

will leave you with a fresh and easy feeling, and a level of

enhanced quality of the overall facility.

comfort that makes you want to return for another breath of

fresh air.

Port guest room

Starboard guest room

“EnviroVision is a realistic, practical approach to provide a vessel with the purest

possible water, air and food without the use of chemicals.”

EnviroVision is a realistic, practical approach that helps preserve all our natural resources: water,

air, food and energy. The concept, developed by RGF Environmental Group, provides a facility with

safe, purified air, water and food. The process encompasses a broad spectrum of natural, non-

chemical oxygen and light source based environmental technologies, combined with conservation

for a total eco friendly, yet sustainable environment. Resorts, hospitals, cruise ships, food proces-

sors, and restaurants are embracing this program. The benefits include a safer environment; lower

utility costs, reduced liability and civil lawsuits, elimination of environmental compliance liability,

reduction of employee sick time, all resulting in improved public image and enhanced quality of

the overall facility.

Devon Julian

is a freelance writer from Burleigh

Heads on the Gold Coast of Australia.

Devon holds a journalism degree from

Loyola University Baltimore, Maryland.


Beach, FL 33404 U.S.A.

1101 West 13th Street Riviera

(800) 842-7771(561) 848-1826fax: (

) 848




RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products

Copyright ©RGF 2006

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