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Palm Beach Post, May 2017 – Governor Rick Scott

Photo: RGF’s Trish Alfele showing off the 1903 Static Electricity Machine in RGF’s Electro Mechanical Museum that contains over 650 pieces of rare antiquities representing precursors to RGF’s technology with some of the world’s earliest ultraviolet lamps, ion generators and electrical transformers. Scott’s tour included an afternoon stop at RGF Environmental Group in Riviera Beach. […]

Florida Weekly, April 2017 – 3D Printers

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HVAC INSIDER, September 2016 – American Cancer Society

ACS of Palm Beach County and RGF Announce “Halos for Hope” Partnership RGF Air Division GM Lisa Bailey, ACS Senior Mktg Mgr Chris Snyder and RGF Executive VP/General Counsel Sharon Rinehimer The American Cancer Society (ACS) and RGF Environmental Group Inc. (RGF) announced that they work together on a strategic partnership to raise funds for […]

Post Tribune, May 2016 – Scholarship

Do your customers wonder if RGF’s air purification system actually reduces mold, viruses, and other particles? One 7th grade student put this to the ultimate test in her Science Fair project. Skarlette won the 7th grade Science Fair with a PHI Cell project, “How To Destroy The Fungus Among Us,” that drastically reduced mold growth. […]

Wholesale & Distribution, Fall 2015 – A Clean Business

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Western Food Processor, Fall 2014 – Photohydroionization®

PDF RGF Environmental Photohydroionization® for Meat Processors “How Does It Work” RIVIERA BEACH, FL-OCTOBER 22, 2013– Photohydroionization®, PHI for short, is a chemical-free, natural, green and environmentally-friendly advanced oxidation technology which utilizes broad spectrum ultraviolet light rays in conjunction with a catalytic target. PHI’s UV combined with Advanced Oxidation has consistently outperformed traditional chemical sanitation […]

Carnetec, September 2014

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Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, September 2014

PDF How Photohydroionization Technology Mitigates Microbial Pathogen Count Food safety happens. But, so does food prevention. That’s why today’s cold food processors are installing technologies designed to help them produce safer food. Enter photohydroionization (PHI) technology, an all-natural oxidation technology that acts as an additional strategic intervention for trimmings and whole muscle. The PHI technology […]

the NEWS, June 2003 – IAQ Sales

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REME HALO® on Fox News with Skip Bedell

Explanation of how REME Halo works

RGF Christmas Party 2018 – News Coverage

RGF’s Tony Julian discusses Red Tide on WPBF

RGF’s Halloween Pumpkin Explosion

Ron Fink discusses business with China on News Channel 5

RGF’s Electro Mechanical Museum featured on CBS

RGF’s Electro Mechanical Museum featured on WPBF

Halos for Hope Cancer Awareness and Research Fundraiser

RGF’s High Speed Fiber Laser

RGF’s Mean, green, eco-friendly machine to be on display

American Home Builders Installs RGF’s REME System

Part of an episode of American Home Builders featuring REME system

SARS News Story

News 12 story on SARS

RGF Molto Bene

Envirovision used at Molto Bene

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