The ISOPORT is a heavy-duty vinyl enclosure that encapsulates the patient and isolates them in a negative pressure setting while aerosolized medications are being administered. For those procedures that involve instrumentation of the lower respiratory tract or induce coughing, there is an ever-increased risk that droplet nuclei are being expelled into the air and spread throughout the treatment room and facility on air currents. The ISOPORT will contain and remove these particles.

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CDC says, "The risk may be higher in areas where patients with TB are provided care or where diagnostic or treatment procedures that stimulate coughing are performed. Nosocomial transmission of M. tuberculosis has been associated with close contact with persons who have infectious TB and with the performance of certain procedures (e.g., bronchoscopy, endotracheal intubation and suctioning open abscess irrigation, and autopsy). Sputum induction and aerosol treatments that induce coughing may also increase the potential for transmission of M. tuberculosis".

• Sputum Induction
• Administration of Aerosolized Medications
• Pentamidine Treatments