The ACCUSTAT™ room pressure monitor is designed specifically for monitoring low negative or positive pressure differentials. Accurate pressurization is a vital step in creating a compliant, controlled and safe environment. Ideally suited for monitoring hospital isolation rooms or pressure differentials in other critical applications.

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ACCUSTAT™ Stationary Model
State-of-the-art microprocessor design operates from a single positive supply power source. Temperature compensation provides for consistent predictable performance within specified temperature ranges. Pressure readings are instantaneous and accurate with many optional features to allow for custom designed installations

A large lighted digital display readout identifies instantaneous sub-fractional pressure changes when compared to the adjoining areas. Pressure readings are accurate to within .001” WG with audio and visual alarms identifying unsatisfactory conditions. The ACCUSTAT™ utilizes a highly sensitive pressure transducer eliminating the varying inconsistencies of “airflow” monitors. Air pressure tends to be more consistent and less corrupted by airflow direction disruption, thereby reducing the frequency of false alarms and inconsistent readings.

ACCUSTAT ™ P-2 Portable
Same reliable accuracy, but built to go places

For over 12 years the original ACCUSTAT P1 has provided reliable service, versatility and convenience as the original portable pressure monitoring device. The P2 has evolved with state-of -the-art instrumentation and lots of new features. Virtually all of it's components have been redesigned, re-engineered and upgraded. Monitor either positive or negative pressure by the flick of the switch. Measure pressures from .001" WG (inches of water) or display in Pascals. The ACCUSTAT P2 is a true pressure transducer and not an airflow meter. You get true direct accurate pressure readings regardless of the air quality and without recalibration or inconsistencies within the measured space.

The original P1 stainless steel case was tough, but the new P2 case is virtually indestructible and comes with its own unconditional lifetime warranty. New electronic state-of-art components are housed in this all new weatherproof compact polycarbonate case. We’re still lightweight at less than 5 lbs. but more durable, compact and totally self-contained in its lockable enclosure. The new P2 case has been designed to accommodate all of its accessories so they stow neatly, safely and conveniently inside the case. No loose accessories to get lost or damaged. Makes traveling with the unit, especially on a plane far easier and more convenient.

Being portable, extended battery life for the P2 was a major objective. So a new NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) battery design was incorporated more than tripling the original battery life to over 48 hrs. on a single charge. A new battery status monitoring display provides up to the second remaining power usage. Unit can also operate on plug-in 100VAC-240VAC 50/60Hz power input. (international plug adapters are included) Automobile power port option is available for on-the-road charging using a car cigarette lighter port. New temperature compensation micro-circuits help improve reading stability between field use operations. Simple dial “zero” calibration feature makes occasional adjustment easy yet precise. All the data you need to know is easy to view and access and is directly at your fingertips. User friendly display panel with operational instructions permanently mounted makes set-up, operation and pressure monitoring easy, accurate and consistent. A large LCD display and LED indicators allow the user to adjust custom alert set points (both audible and visual.) The new P2 provides you instantaneous readings, unparalleled accuracy with incredible ease of operation.

Differential Pressure Monitor and Data Logger

The data logging feature allows for storage of over 32,000 pressure readings that are time-stamped in permanent non-volatile memory so the data is safe regardless of what happens to P2DL power or the time needed to retrieve the data. Sampling rates from once-a-second to once-every-12 hours may be selected thereby providing data records that may extend from 9 hours to over 2 years.

• Creates a compliant, controlled and safe environment
• Highly sensitive pressure transducer eliminating the varying inconsistencies of “airflow” monitors
• CDC Compliant providing visual, audible and alarm signals
• Large lighted digital readout identifies subfractional pressure changes within .001” WG
• Continuous monitoring of actual room pressure differential
• Temperature compensation for consistent performance within specified temperature ranges
• Four models Stationary, BMS, PR and Portable (multiple locations)
• Remote Monitoring up to six rooms