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Air Purification

What is the difference between the REME HALO® and Guardian Air QR+?

Both of these unique whole home units reduce bacteria, viruses, mold spores, VOCs and odors throughout your air-conditioned space, both in the air and on surfaces. The REME HALO® has an added technology that helps to remove allergens like dust, dander, and pollen from the air.

How are the REME HALO® and Guardian QR+ different from a UV light?

RGF’s whole home air purifiers are installed in your air conditioning duct and work actively throughout the air-conditioned space to reduce bacteria, virus, mold spores, odors and allergens. UV lights provide passive treatment of air conditioning coils.

Where can I buy RGF air purification products?

  • Please refer to our Dealer Locator to find a dealer near you. All licensed HVAC contractors have access to the product through their local distributor.
  • Contractors, please contact your local HVAC Distributor for pricing and availability of the RGF products.

How often do I need to replace the REME HALO® or Guardian Air QR+ cell (bulb)? How do I know if the cell needs replacing?

The output of the unit reduces with time. After two years (up to 25,000 hours) of operation, it is recommended to change out the replaceable cell.

Is there any maintenance to perform on the system besides replacing the cell every two years?

We are happy to say that no maintenance is required once the unit has been installed!

Where is the best place to install the REME HALO® or Guardian Air QR+ unit?

The best location for your REME HALO® or Guardian QR+ unit is in the supply plenum, just after the air handler. This allows for optimal operation and full distribution throughout the air-conditioned space.

Can the REME HALO® or Guardian Air QR+ be installed in the HVAC return?

Yes, if the HVAC system does not allow space to accommodate installation in the supply plenum, installation on the return side of the air handler is acceptable.

Can I install the REME HALO® or Guardian Air QR+ alongside a humidifier or dehumidifier?

Yes. RGF recommends installing 10-12 inches downstream of the humidifier/dehumidifier, before the first drop of the ducts split off.

What is the best way to connect/wire the REME HALO® or Guardian Air QR+ unit?

For optimal performance and maximum cell life we recommend that the REME HALO® and Guardian Air QR+ be wired so that it runs continuously.

Should the air conditioning system run all the time so that the REME HALO® or Guardian Air QR+ is always working? Is it better to have the A/C unit working 24/7?

The REME HALO® and Guardian Air QR+ treats your home when the air conditioning fan is on. If possible, it is recommended to leave your fan on continuously to provide maximum benefit. While cycling the air purifier on and off with the fan is acceptable, be aware that repeated cycling may degrade the useful life of the cell elements. Therefore, it is recommended to run the air purification units continuously.

My REME HALO® has a RED or GREEN light lamp indicator. What does that mean?

The indicator light on the REME HALO® was changed from green to red in November of 2017. The light simply indicates that the unit is powered. If the light is on, whether the color is green OR red, your unit is receiving power.

After installation of the REME HALO®/Guardian Air QR+ I’m noticing a smell. Is that ok?

Some people may notice a slight smell after installation and some people don’t notice anything at all. It has been described as similar to fresh, clean outdoor air, but can be stronger at first for those who have a particularly keen sense of smell. You will notice the smell subdue over time. If not, consult with your installing HVAC contractor.

Why can’t I smell my REME HALO®/Guardian Air QR+ working anymore?

If you are one who happens to love the smell that the REME HALO®/Guardian Air produces throughout your home or work place, you may feel as though it has stopped working when you can no longer smell it. It’s ok! It is still working! Rest assured that if the indicator light is on, your system will continually provide over 2 years, or over 25,000 hours of fresh, clean, purified air.

How do I know if my REME HALO®/Guardian Air QR+ unit is working?

If your indicator light is on, your unit is working and will provide up to 25,000 hours, or over two years of fresh, clean, purified air.

Is there a chart for adjusting the REME HALO® output to match air flow or CFM coverage?

Yes. The REME HALO® Cell has an adjustable shroud – see chart

If my shroud is closed all the way on the REME HALO®, will that extend the life of my cell?

The shroud positioning has no effect on the life of the REME cell. The shroud will only help to control the output of the REME HALO® based on the air flow of the air conditioning system.