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CHR Expo 2017





CHR Expo 2017

CHR Expo 2017

International Air Division
CHR Expo Shanghai, China
Together, we are the Leaders of IAQ in China!

Sharon Rinehimer, Executive Vice President, and our RGF China Sales Team exhibited at the 2017 China Refrigeration and Heating Exhibition in the U.S. Pavilion. RGF and Distribution Partner Alphay Technologies’ sales teams attended. RGF is leading the air purification trend in China at HVACR industry in China. Our exports to China continue to grow as they become more aware of the importance of indoor air quality and the concern for health risks due to heavy air pollution. RGF and Alphay teams then spent time afterward with our teams bonding over Mongolian BBQ at a 500-acre farm along the Chaobai River in China.