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Virginia GC Case Study

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Washmaster System Application Information

Virginia Golf Course, Qld Australia Super – Barry Lemke

Design Concept – Double Wash Bay with adjoining Chemical Mix/Load Bay

RGF System – Washmaster 18 with storm water make-up

Double wash bay supplied by two (2) 1” High Volume hoses. Compressed air blow off prior to wash bay. Grated trench for gross solids removal with Fox Environmental heavy duty grass sumps in wash bay and chemical bay. Grass catcher for fines removal prior to feeding recycle system.

Single self contained chemical mix and load bay with recovery system, eye wash, shower and rain water supply.

Entire facility is roofed and bunded with zero discharge to the environment.

RGF Washmaster 18 capable of processing 80 litres per minute of contaminated wash water and continually supplying wash down hoses.