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AAMI Stadium Case Study

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Universal Advanced Bioreactor (UAB) Project Information

AAMI Stadium, Melbourne, Australia Maintenance Manager – Scott Conza

Design – Turf equipment wash bay with RGF UABR-20, heavy duty grass sump and (in- ground) triple interceptor.

Renovation of existing wash bay at AAMI was required to accommodate the UAB in a closed loop recycle configuration. Along with the UAB system a heavy duty sump package was installed with grass basket for primary solids treatment.

The UAB is capable of treating up to 80 litres per minute of contaminated wash water while providing a continuous supply of pressurized wash water back to the wash bay. Make-up water comes from one of four slim-line 3 KL storm water tanks. Town water connection provides storm water back-up or fresh water supply if required.

The AAMI wash bay is used daily for washing of turf maintenance equipment and fleet vehicles. Entire facility is roofed and bunded with zero contaminant discharge to the environment.