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Blount Island Recycle System Case Study

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RGF recycle system installation for U.S. Military In April 2013 RGF Environmental Group, Inc. completed a 2 year project to provide and install a Washrack at the new Marine Corps Naval Support Facility at Blount Island, Jacksonville Florida. Located in Riviera Beach Florida, RGF, a manufacturer of environmental products for water, air and food has been the industry leader for supplying wash water recycling systems worldwide since 1985.

The system design, with the assistance and guidance of RGF’s trained team, included high pressure washstations, heavy solids removal de-mucking system as well as an undercarriage spray wash. All wash water is collected, filtered and re-used again in the wash process after undergoing an oxidation step for destruction of organics. Recycling water from equipment and vehicle washing prevents soil and ground water contamination, as well as promoting water con

Military standards call for a quick turn around when equipment arrives from overseas deployment. All equipment, including personnel carriers, support vehicles as well as tanks, must be thoroughly cleanedin a specified amount of time from arrival at the port.

Blount Island has had an RGF recycling system in use for many years at their old facility, which was demolished. The new facility will be used on an ongoing basis for the daily washing of base vehicles and equipment utilizing a portion of the system and the entire system will then be activated for heavy wash events.

The project was completed on schedule with the approval of all involved parties.