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Wholesale & Distribution, Fall 2015 – A Clean Business

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Evaporation Systems-101

Evaporation Systems Evaporation Systems 35 Evaporation of waste wash water occurs during normal operation of the pressure, steam or automatic vehicle wash sys- tem. It is generally assumed that 10-30% of wash water is lost to evaporation. Accelerated evaporation can be used to dispose of excessive wastewater, highly contaminated wastewater, or to remove recycled water […]

Oil Water Separators-101

Oil Water Separators Oil Water Separators This section will cover coalescing oil/water separation. The concept of a basic gravity oil/water separator is simply a tank vessel that stalls the flow rate to permit gravity to separate oil from water. Oil, having a lower specific gravity than water, will naturally float on water if given time […]

Sick Yacht Syndrome

Sick Yacht Syndrome (S.Y.S.) Norwalk Virus, bilge odors, flesh eating bacteria, mold, yeast, holding tank odors, VOC’s, stale air, diesel bacteria – all are indoor air problems on a yacht. The question is why are indoor air problems magnified on a yacht and how can we control them? Indoor air problems or sick building syndrome […]

Envision, The World’s First Environmentally Friendly Mega Yacht

Envision, The World’s First Environmentally Friendly Mega Yacht Where Technology Meets the High Seas! By Devon Julian From the moment you set your eyes on this yacht it is hard and work began at the Riviera Yacht Center in Riviera to believe. Step inside, take the tour, and you will really be Beach, Florida, just […]

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AAMI Stadium Case Study

Turf equipment wash bay with RGF UABR-20, heavy duty grass sump and (in-ground) triple interceptor.   Read More
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Virginia GC Case Study

Double Wash Bay with adjoining Chemical Mix/Load Bay.   Read More
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Blount Island Recycle System Case Study

RGF recycle system installation for U.S. Military In April 2013 RGF Environmental Group, Inc. completed a 2 year project to provide and install a Washrack at the new Marine Corps Naval Support Facility at Blount Island, Jacksonville Florida. Located in Riviera Beach Florida, RGF, a manufacturer of environmental products for water, air and food has […]   Read More