The Excelsior

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It’s been quite some time since we installed the 59 PHI Cells in our 27 luxury residences here at the Excelsior Condominiums in Boca Raton, Florida. The PHI Cells seem to easily last the years warranted, and the residents seem very pleased with their performance.

As I’m sure you recall, I really ran you and the PHI Cell through the ringer as I compared the PHI Cell to every other product out there, regardless of price, before I decided to go with your product. In all comparisons, the PHI Cell always came out on top.

In the five-and-a-half years we have been using the PHI Cell, I have only good things to say about it, including my own personal story. I live in a 30-year-old wood and brick home, and I have a 60 lb dog that lives inside the home with my family. Even though the house is kept clean, when you first walk in the door, you could always smell the dog. After I installed the PHI Cell, the difference was amazing. I no longer notice the pet odor when entering my home. For that, my family and I thank you and RGF.