Tsawwassen Animal Hospital

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July 15, 2013,

To Whom It May Concern,
I am pleased to share my experience with the RGF Environmental’s Guardian Air Technology. I initially had installed a unit in the Tsawwassen Animal Hospital in March, 2013.

My hope was that it would decrease disease transmission, both between veterinary patients and between staff and clients. My experience has been that it has also eliminated odour to a large degree as well as significantly reduced allergy symptoms in myself and several employees.

Steve from Canwest, then placed two plug-in systems in my home. I suffer from chronic sinusitis and asthma secondary to environmental and cat allergies (I have two cats at my home). I have taken antihistamines, a corticosteroid inhaler and intermittent antibiotics for years. Within six weeks I noticed that my sinus congestion was steadily improving. I have not required medication for my symptoms since that time.

While my experience with this technology has been limited, I am pleased to say that it has done everything that I hoped it would do. I would happily recommend the RGF Environmental’s Guardian Air Technology for hospitals, shelters, care homes and for those who suffer from allergies in the home.