Office Depot’s Corporate Headquarters

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Thank you for solving an air quality problem that we encountered at Office Depot’s Corporate Headquarters. When we moved into our new building, we noticed there was an offensive odor in our 18,546 square foot auditorium. I tried carbon filters, masking the smell, and forcing the HVAC system to 100% of available outside air, but nothing worked. I asked my Trane rep, Erik if he had any ideas to fix the issue and he informed me of your new technology. I have to say that I was skeptical at first, but Erik explained to me that if the product did not work as described, Trane would buy it back. With that said, I purchased two of your RGF Guardian 14” H.O. units and had them installed in our ductwork. Within a week the smell was gone, and now we notice a slight clean scent in the air, which is I gather is from the Hydro-peroxides. I have received an overwhelming response from the corporate campus employees thanking me for the change. Thank you again for a fine product, and I am in the process of ordering three of the ice machine units.