Mini-Split PHI unit

case study image

“We installed a ductless system in our service department for both heating and air conditioning summer of 2016. The service office is next to our parts room which serves both install and service departments. Needless to say there is a steady traffic flow past the indoor unit and at times 6-8 service technicians in the same room the air conditioner. Within two months of the install of our air conditioner, unit blower wheel and evaporator coil blowing black debris across the office. Air filters where being cleaned monthly. We cleaned unit every two months and had to pull blower wheel out every time due to the excessive buildup of grim. For a year we did this same process and also had to treat / sanitize coil for dirty sock smell about every 3 months during air conditioning season. In 2017, we installed the PH230RGF UV light. We had previously installed several of these systems for our customers and want to put it to the test for ourselves. (Seeing is believing) and all my service technicians were sick of cleaning this unit in the office. Since the install of the PHI-230 we are back to a normal cleaning cycle of once every 6 months, blower wheel has not been pulled for 2 years and looks like new yet. Unit no longer needs sanitized for dirty sock smell. Out of the eight other indoor units, this unit is typically the cleanest unit, with the most foot traffic past it. Our service, sales, office and install staff can now see the difference between no UV light and having a UV light. Seeing is believing, our technicians are talking to more customers and selling more products due to they believe in the product. Having that peace of mind for our employees to talk to customers and make recommendations to improve IAQ at our customers’ homes and office is priceless. This only validates that we are not selling “smoke and mirrors” but we are selling products that work and we use them ourselves.”