Outstanding Customer Service.

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I recently had the Guardian Air Purification System installed in my home. I was so impressed by the improved air quality that I referred it to a client.

Not only does this client have an “accident” prone dog, she also has a bladder control problem of her own, unfortunately. I believe the smells in the house were contributing to her poor health. She agreed and had the system installed 3 weeks ago.

I was there for the first time since she got it and I was truly amazed. Before I could hardly breathe when I entered the home and now it has a slight dog smell-typical of most animal lovers who do not vacuum daily. IT WAS SO MUCH FRESHER AND CLEANER ALL AROUND. She seems more active too, which she even admitted, which is huge.

Not only do I recommend the Guardian Air; I recommend that it be installed by your company, because of your outstanding customer service.