Hillsborough Community College

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In regards to RGF units we have installed on our air handlers, I feel it has been a wise decision. The main college office had initiated a campaign to monitor absenteeism for any reason every Monday since the Swine Flu outbreak. We have only had a few to date, and none were confirmed Swine flu cases. My personal opinion of the units is that they provide a safety net in the above-mentioned matter and assist in overall cleanliness throughout the Campus, in offices, Labs, classrooms, and the Library. I have never found odors from any source, i.e, perfumes, cooked food, etc. for any prolonged time. Also I have monitored the restrooms which seem to recover more quickly from odors and although we are tough on cleanliness, the added knowledge of the RGF Guardian System helps me sleep at night knowing that if something is missed, the system has the capability to address it. These units were a breeze to install and we monitor them daily, without issues to date. Lastly, I have six portable classrooms and possibly that many more coming in the Fall. I am attempting to get the portable units purchased for the existing.