Florida State College at Jacksonville

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Thank you for the opportunity to tour the WWGAY offices and see RGF PHI Technology in use on your ice machines and HVAC equipment. After the tour we decided to put the same technology in key areas at the North Campus and Nassau Campus that have been affected by various levels of poor air quality and ice machine issues. Below are some of those scenarios and how RGF PHI Technology has improved our campus.

1. North Campus/ Massage Therapy Clinic-Faculty and students complaining of odors coming from the adjoining classroom which has a science lab that uses chemicals that produce VOC’s. We installed the PHI technology in the duct system that serves both areas and the air quality issue has been resolved with no more complaints from faculty or students.

2. North Campus/Culinary Program Kitchen-Large ice machine used in this area is cleaned on a regular basis and has top of the line water filtration, however, it did not have an RGF ice machine system. After adding the RGF unit to the ice machine the bacterial growth has all but ceased in the harvest area and collection bin, I’m still amazed at the ongoing cleanliness of the machine since the installation.

3. Nassau Campus /Nature Center- The air quality in the nature center classrooms is not terrible but due to humidity issues that the current HVAC system cannot address the classrooms have a continual musty smell. After installing RGF PHI Technology the musty smell is gone and the air is fresh.

Again, thank you for presenting the RGF product to the facilities staff and we look forward to addressing more areas soon.