Eden Gardens

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Thank you for introducing us to your amazing air purification systems. EdenGardens has had tremendous results from using your system.

Before we installed your system, the Alzheimer’s unit was losing an average of three (3) residents a month, due to dissatisfaction because of urine smell or illness, such as pneumonia. This was approximately a $97,200 loss, or more than a 100% turnover in residents every year.

Since the installation of your system in April of 2003:

• Revenue has gone up by $97,299/year and our profit margins have increased significantly.

• We have saved over $14,000 by not having to purchase carpeting and mattress replacements.

• We have saved over $5,400 on chemical “mists” to cover up odors.

• There have been NO cases of pneumonia, and no deaths due to communicable illness.

• We now have a waiting list of residents equal to 25% of our capacity.

• Our marketing finds it easy to “sell our property”, because it smells fresh and clean and our residents are healthy.

• Our prospective clients and their families comment on how fresh, clean and free of odors our facility is. They say this is a major reason why they chose EdenGardens. In fact, just today a perspective resident’s son stated how fresh and clean our facility smelled.

• Our staff has experienced less illness and sick days; we do not have a “call in” problem.

• The staff who work in the other wings of our facility have ALL requested to work in our Alzheimer’s unit because of the fresh smells and lack of illness in the residents and staff.
I would recommend this system to every senior living facility, and/or nursing home.