Cedar Fever

case study image

I send you New Year’s greetings because of the Reme-Halo product. Normally at this time of the year, I would be very uncomfortable inside and out due to cedar fever but I am truly thankful to you for the introduction of the Reme-Halo into my life.

Kim Saunders from ABC Home & Commercial Services installed the Reme-Halo in my home on 11/16/18 and I remembered from talking to you, Todd Montgomery, District Instructor for the Reme-Halo, that I should check my filters early after running my HVAC fan 24/7 since I didn’t have a newer programmable system. I changed those filters on Christmas Day as it was 2 months to the day, (I usually do it every 3 months) since they were changed. I thought you might appreciate a visual.

So, so dirty after 2 months which I think means the Reme-Halo is doing its job. But even more importantly, I haven’t awakened in the middle of the night with a headache since soon after my Reme-Halo was installed. And when I have had a cedar spasm away from my home, once I was home, my immune system settled down and I didn’t feel bad. That is impressive to me as cedar has been a major problem to me for years. And that makes me thankful for the investment I made.

I have shared my story with several people but I think the three of you ought to get together and create a TV ad that combines ABC Home and Commercial Services with RGF’s Reme-Halo. I have seen ABC’s ads on a variety of generic solutions but the Reme-Halo could help many more Austin homeowners if you would be more aggressive with telling your viewers the value of the Reme-Halo. I am so appreciative that I had Kim Saunders to my home who shared the technology with me and I appreciate that you, Todd Montgomery, took the time to help me understand your product. All Austin needs now is you, Bobby Jenkins, to do a commercial that tells Austinites the value of the Reme-Halo. I encourage the three of you to get together and make Austin residents more comfortable as the Reme-Halo has made me.

Thank you for working together and I am sure this new year will bring more success to your businesses.