Lake Pointe Yacht Club

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In January of 2007 we had L&S Mechanical install RGF Guardian Air Ice Modules on two ice machines.

We had been having constant problems in our ice machine heads and bins with mold growing, along with mildew and fungus. The yeast from the empty beer bottles was the main cause of our problem.

Our monthly maintenance to keep the machines clean, and to comply with Health Department rules and inspections, was costly.

After installation, our wait staff and customers, along with our mechanical contractor, Charlie M. noticed immediate results. You could walk into the rooms where our ice machines are located and even smell the fresh scent. Our monthly service changes on our machines stopped, which was a great savings to the business.

I also had a problem at my home. My indoor pool was over-shocked by the pool service company. The chemical odor was overbearing, making my home nearly inhabitable. I called Charlie M. from L&S Mechanical. He installed a RGF Guardian Air plug unit in my poolroom. Within hours we noticed a complete difference in the air quality.

I highly recommend RGF products for both business and home use.