All I have to say is WOW!!!

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I have been working in the HVAC world for years. I have seen products come & go but I have become a believer. I manage a duct cleaning crew & have a lot of questions sent to me about allergies, dust, mold, & how to keep a home as allergen free & dust free as possible. Once I found out about RGF I dove into the technology & decided to install a REME Halo into my own home BEFORE I sell a single unit.

My home was built in the 1950’s, 3,000 sq feet home with 1,500 sq feet main floor & a matching basement. The HVAC system was installed in 1995 as a 3.5 ton AC & Furnace. 1 exterior door is sealed & the other is not. I have a mix of single pane wood framed windows & double paned fiberglass. It is not a completely sealed house YET. I also personally cleaned my own HVAC system not 2 years ago.

Normally I change my 2 inch thick MERV 8 filter every 2 months. The pleated material looks the color of cardboard. 1 MONTH after I had installed the REME Halo the same filter, which was installed brand new with the REME Halo, the filter was dark brown like Hot Chocolate. I was Floored!!
During that same month my outdoor only cat, which is fed right next to the unsealed exterior back door, was sprayed by a SKUNK!! The poor cat had a yellow line on her chest for weeks. This all happened while my family & dogs were inside asleep. By morning my whole house reeked of Skunk. So I went down to the basement, opened the REME Halo and opened the sleeve WIDE OPEN. To my amazement, the skunk odor that seept into my house was gone within 2 HOURS!!!!!!
All I have to say is WOW!!!

These products like the REME Halo have and continue to do their job. Great stuff!!!
Oh & I am now selling them 😉