A medical office building in Colorado

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A medical office building in Colorado approached us with an interesting application. They were using bag filters to achieve a specific level of particulate filtration as specified by their building designers. The bag filters cost them over $30,000 a year to replace and maintain. They also require huge amounts of energy from the fans to keep forcing the air through the filters.
We brought up the idea of using REME and MERV 13 filtration to achieve the same results without the high cost of the bag filters and the energy costs from excessive fan power. After inspecting the building plans, they want to go with two REME-HO rack systems with eight units in each giving them effective coverage up to 160,000 CFM. The fifth floor will have its own REME-HO rack system with four units. They’re expecting to save over $15,000 a year in filter and energy costs.