UV/Ozone Advanced Oxidation Chambers

RGF’s UV/O3 Advanced Chambers are a combination of ozone and ultraviolet light in one easy-to-service chamber. The combination of the UV and ozone produces a hydroxyl radical which is an extremely effective oxidizer. With optional service unions on each end, a cloth swab can be easily passed through the quartz tube for cleaning. Two sizes to choose from to fit your application. Both models require an Ozone Venturi to operate. Recommended for storage tanks up to 850 gallons.

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Model # Description Ozone Output @ 20 scfh UV intensity dosage
SA-005T 6” UV/O3 Catalytic Chamber 405 ppm – 0.432 g/hr 6,670 mW-sec/cm2
SA-006T 8” UV/O3 Catalytic Chamber 596 ppm – 0.652 g/hr 13,300 mW-sec/cm2
  • Technical Specs
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ITEM # SA-005T SA-006T
DESCRIPTION 6” UV/O3 Catalytic Chamber 8” UV/O3 Catalytic Chamber
OZONE OUTPUT @ 20 SCFH 405 ppm – 0.432 g/hr 596 ppm – 0.652 g/hr
UV INTENSITY DOSAGE 6,670 mW-sec/cm2 13,300 mW-sec/cm2
UV-O3-XL: 8”D x 39” L
ELECTRICAL UV-O3-ST: 120/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 1.0 A
UV-O3-XL: 120/220 VAC 50/60 Hz 2.0 A
 OZONE PRODUCTION  H.O. 185 Nm Ultraviolet Light Source