Environmental Centers: Package Equipment & Chemical Storage Buildings

The RGF Environmental Centers are state of the art, custom built, prefabricated, and engineered equipment and chemical storage and containment buildings. The buildings are constructed of the finest quality materials and can be built to include a Wash Master Wash Water Recycle System. The standard unit is 8’6” wide and is quoted by the square foot up to 40’ long. This includes established colors, chemical resistant coated surfaces, key locking metal door, and removable fiberglass floor grating on an open frame base.

The Environmental Centers can be equipped with many options such as chemical storage, air conditioning / heating, secondary containment, etc. Listed below is a list of the available options

Left right Aroow
U-SHED Standard 8’6” Wide Assembled Building (up to 40’ long) sq. ft.
  • Options
Ol-024 Secondary Containment Skid  Sq. ft.
Ol-025 Vapor Tight Lighting  Sq. ft.
Ol-026 Auto Entry Added to Vapor
Tight Lighting (per door) Auto
Ol-027 Entry Electrical Ventilation System  each
Ol-029 R12 Vinyl Sided Insulation Package  Sq. ft.
Ol-030 Thermostatic Electric Heater for Equipment Room  each
Ol-031 A /C & Heater Unit for Chemical Storage room  each
Ol-032 8’6” Wide Interior Separation Wall  each
Ol-033 3’-0” Key Locking Metal Door  each
Ol-034 3’-0” Key Locking Metal Louvered Door  each
Ol-035 Emergency Panic Bar Door release  each
Ol-036 Emergency Eye Wash and Shower  each
Ol-037 18” wide Corrosion Resistant Shelving  foot
Ol-038 18” wide Metal Grate Shelf System  foot
Ol-039 Canopy Roof System (Kit)  Sq. ft.
Ol-040 Recycle System Install Package (includes 100 A Panel)  Each
Ol-041 Custom Exterior Color  Sq. ft.
Ol-042 Containment Sump Leak Alarm
Ol-043 Paint Interior Walls White  Sq. ft.
Ol-044 Upgrade Steel Floor Grating to Fiberglass  Sq. ft.