CWM Macro Aerator System

The model CWM was designed to treat tanks up to 400 gallon capacity with light organic loading. The Macro Aerators can be put into tanks through man ways or access covers. The CWM is capable of treating multiple tanks with additional Macro Aerators (up to 400 gallons each).
The system requires a compressed air source (RGF’s optional air compressor kit item # OP-050).

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Model # DESCRIPTION Ozone Output ppm @ 20scfh Treatment Capacity Ship Weight
CWM60-**T Macro Aerotor UV Ozone System 0.432 g/hr Up to 400 Gallons 80 Lbs.
CWM120-**T Macro Aerator UV Ozone System 0.772 g/hr Up to 400 Gallons 120 Lbs.
MA-001T Additional Macro Aerators -- -- 20 Lbs.
  • Technical Specs
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ITEM # CWM60-**T CWM120-**T MA-001T
DESCRIPTION Macro Aerotor UV Ozone System Macro Aerator UV Ozone System Additional Macro Aerators
OZONE OUTPUT PPM @ 20SCFH 0.432 g/hr 0.772 g/hr
TREATMENT CAPACITY Up to 400 Gallons Up to 400 Gallons
SHIP WEIGHT  80 Lbs.  120 Lbs. 20 Lbs.
DIMENSIONS 24”W x 9 ½”D x 42”H
SHIP WEIGHT  120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 A