Model CW-CO3P Bubble Blaster System

The model CW-CO3P is specifically designed to treat tanks up to 1,200 gallon capacity with high organic loading. This system utilizes a combination of ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and ultraviolet light to create Advanced Oxidation gases, which oxidize the contaminants. A supplied pump circulates the water from the tank through a venturi, then through the chamber, and returns to the tank. Available in two sizes: ST- up to 800 gallons and XL – up to 1200 gallons.

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Model # Ozone Output ppm @ 20scfh UV Intensity Dosage Treatment Capacity Ship Weight
CWST60-16 0.432 g/hr 20,000 mJ-sec/cm2 Up to 800 Gallons 90 Lbs.
CWXL60-16 0.864 g/hr 40,000mJ-sec/cm2 Up to 1,200 Gallons 100 Lbs.
  • Technical Specs
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ITEM #  CWST60-16 CWXL60-16
DESCRIPTION  CW-CO3P UV Ozone System (ST)  CW-CO3P UV Ozone System (XL)
OZONE OUTPUT PPM @ 20SCFH 0.432 g/hr 0.864 g/hr
UV INTENSITY DOSAGE 20,000 mJ-sec/cm2 40,000mJ-sec/cm2
TREATMENT CAPACITY Up to 800 Gallons Up to 1,200 Gallons
SHIP WEIGHT 90 Lbs 100 Lbs.
DIMENSIONS 24”W x 9”D x 60”
FLOW RATE  5 g.p.m / 7,200 g.p.d.
 ELECTRICAL  120/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 8A