Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifier System

RGF’s Centrifugal Coalescing Clarifiers have a unique system, which involves the process of injecting the oily wastewater along the circumference of the cone shaped tank to initiate the centrifugal separation of the heavier particles. The free oils are skimmed off the surface of the cone tank and stored in the hydrocarbon accumulator. The precipitated particles settle to the bottom of the cone tank where they are drained into a gravity bag filter for easy removal. Optional ozone, pH, or chemical feed treatments can be added to enhance oil flotation and solids separation.

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Model # Flow Rate Capacity Inlet/outlet connections Weight PDF
CCC-400 1-25 gpm 400 gallons 1-1/2” fpt outlet 521 lbs.

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CCC-600 1-40 gpm 600 gallons 2”fpt inlet; 3” fpt outlet 593 lbs.

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RGF is the recognized waste water recycling leader with thousands of systems installed worldwide.
• Best Warranty in the industry
• RGF customer service is second to none which was proven by winning the 1994 INC. Magazine Positive Performance Award for Outstanding Customer Service
• Non ferrous means no rust or corrosion
• Fully automatic, easy to use
• Unique hydrocarbon accumulator captures and stores the oil for easy disposal.
• Low maintenance
• Removes solids and oils.
• Easily adaptable for chemical additions (floccing) and pH control.
• Excellent pre-treatment for demanding waste streams prior to treatment by recycle systems.
• Optional ozone aeration to eliminate algae and bacteria growth.

• Heavy solids loading
• Heavy free oil Removal

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Model # CCC-400 CCC-600
Flow Rate 1-25 gpm 1-40 gpm
Dimensions 48”w x 48”w x 124”h 48”w x 48”w x 145”h
Weight 521 lbs. 593 lbs.
Materials A36 epoxy coated Carbon steel,
Polyethylene, PVC, S.S. feet
Capacity 400 gallons 600 gallons
Inlet/Outlet connections 1-1/2” fpt outlet 2” fpt inlet; 3” fpt outlet


01-007 Chemical Injection Pump
01-008-1 pH Controller- Installed
01-010 XL- TurboHydrozone® Ozone Oxidation System