Biosorb: Modular Biological Advanced Wastewater Treatment System

The Biosorb System treats contaminated water, which typically contains domestic sewage, food residuals, fats / oils, grease, detergents and fertilizers, resulting in a high organic wastewater. The collected water is processed through the system and contaminants are removed prior to discharge or reuse.

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Model# Flow Rate Dimensions Electrical Weight PDF
BIO-1 1,000 gpd 52”W x 120”L x 46”H 220 VAC, 60 Hz, 8.5A, 1 Phase 726 lbs.

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• RGF is the recognized leader with thousands of systems installed worldwide since 1985.
• RGF has the best warranty in the business,
• Easy to use – versatile – modular components are easy to assemble or break down or expand.
• Totally non-ferrous –no rust or corrosion.
• UV protected to meet National Plumbing Code for outdoor use.
• Impact resistant polyethylene construction.
• Minimal moving parts –low maintenance
• Post treatment systems available for disinfection and reuse.
• Pre-treatment systems available for heavy oils, fats and black water.
• High surface area Biofilter Media for intensive biological growth and stability.
• Modular system can be run in series or parallel.
• Low maintenance.

The Biosorb was designed for the treatment of sewage and biodegradable industrial wastewater
such as:
• Housing developments
• Hotels / motels
• Golf clubs
• Work camps
• Camp grounds
• Resorts
• Bars / restaurants
• Schools
• Airports
• Marinas
• Food production
• Mining materials companies

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Model #  BIO-1
 FLOW RATE 1,000 gpd
 DIMENSIONS   52”W x 120”L x 46”H
 WEIGHT  726 lbs.
 ELECTRICAL  220 VAC, 60 Hz, 8.5A, 1 Phase
 pH RANGE  6.5 – 9.5
 BOD REDUCTION  90% (for 500 mg/l or less)
 BIOSORB MEDIA  40 ft3 Polypropylene fixed film media
 AIR FEED BLOWER  1 ½ hp regenerative rotary vane blower
 MATERIALS Polypropylene biomedia, polyethylene tank, PVC piping, epoxy coated aluminum frame