advanced oxidation panel

Advanced Oxidation Panel

Purpose: Advanced oxidation panel for conveyor belt, auger, and food surface sanitation.

The Advanced Oxidation Panel is specifically designed for the food processing industry. Equipment and in particular, conveying surfaces can become contaminated during processing. This occurs when bacteria accumulates on the conveyor belt or auger surface as a result of human error, or when contaminated product transfers pathogens. While wet chemical sanitation systems exist, there are no alternative non-aqueous systems available for keeping belts, auger, as well as food product surfaces, continuously sanitized, in most cases immediately prior to packaging.
This dry environment process incorporates high-intensity targeted ultraviolet light and the Photohydroionization® process to create a powerful sanitizing environment for all conveying surfaces. The unit can be mounted above or below conveyors, augers or other surfaces for maximum exposure.

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Model # Material Electrical (120/230V) Weight Dimensions PDF
AOHP-1236-* 316 Stainless Steel 6 / 3 Amps 25 lbs. 12” x 36”

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AOHP-2436-* 316 Stainless Steel 12 / 6 Amps 40 lbs. 24” x 36”

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AOHP-3636-* 316 Stainless Steel 18 / 9 Amps 60 lbs. 36” x 36”

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  • Features & Benefits
  • Technical Specs

• Continuously kills bacteria, mold and yeast
• Modular construction
• Easily retrofitted to your process
• All stainless steel
• Reduces liability concerns
• Easily accessed for cleaning
• No chemicals
• All natural advanced oxidation process
• Low Energy consumption
• PHI Module included on all models

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Model #  AOHP-1236-* AOHP-2436-* AOHP-3636-*
Material 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel  316 Stainless Steel
Electrical (120/230V) 6 / 3 Amps 12 / 6 Amps  18 / 9 Amps
Weight 25 lbs. 40 lbs.  60 lbs.
Dimensions 12” x 36” 24” x 36”  36” x 36”
Lamps 6 12  18
*-16 for 120V 60Hz -26 for 220V 60Hz  -25 for 220V 50Hz