Element Air™ Rapid Recovery

Most facilities do not check the air for microorganisms on a daily or monthly basis. Bacteria and mold can continuously breed within the environment and on plants. RGF® developed this air treatment system to provide continuous protection in sensitive air spaces.

Air passes through a REME®/PHI oxidation chamber, which destroys airborne microbes with high intensity UV light rays targeted on a quad-metallic compound. The process develops a highly charged atmosphere of hydroxyl radicals, hydro-peroxides and super oxide ions. This atmosphere oxidizes contaminants in the air with friendly oxidizers. By friendly oxidizers, we mean oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation process. No chemical residue or dangerous compounds are emitted from the system. Airborne contaminants in the form of bacteria, mold, and yeast continue to be one of the least addressed issues in most facilities.

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Item# Replacement Cell Electrical Dimensions Ship Wt. PDF
EARR EAR-RC (2) 110 VAC 26”L x 13”W x 15”H 12 lbs.

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EARR-DS EAR-RC (2) 110 VAC 26”L x 13”W x 15”H 12 lbs.

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•Cultivation Rooms
•Large Harvest Rooms
•Processing Rooms

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Model: EARR (No hose), EARR-DS (With 6’ sanitizing hose)
Weight: 12 lbs.
Dimensions: 26”L x 13”W x 15”H
Target: Hydrated Tri-metallic
Approximate UV Chamber Life: 10,000 Hrs
Voltage: 110 VAC
Total Electrical: 1.25 amp
UV Chamber Electrical: .75 amp
Fan Electrical: .65 amp
Material/Finish: Stainless Steel
Controls: On/Off Light 12 Hour Timer, Hour Meter
Ultraviolet Chamber: Electrically Excited Krypton Gas
Replacement PHI Cell Part# EAR-RC (2)