Element Air™ Carbon
Air Purification System

Activated Carbon Advantage
Terpene odors from cannabis growing operations cause operational challenges inside and outside of growing facilities. Element Air™ Carbon offers the industry’s largest activated carbon adsorbers in combination with a proprietary air flow pattern to combat airborne odors, VOCs and microbial particulates.

Airborne terpenes, the major cause of odor in any cannabis grow, are quickly removed by our high-grade, tailored activated carbon filter media selected for its unique affinity for organic terpene molecules. Used in combination with the Element Air™ active air purification systems, unwanted odors and mold are reduced inside the growing facility to significantly improve the quality of indoor air and the facility exhaust air.

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EAC-55 55 Gallon 4’ 3” H x 2’ Dia. 125

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EAC-85 85 Gallon 4’ 5” H x 2’ 4” Dia. 210

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EAC-110 110 Gallon 4’ 6” H x 2’ 7” Dia. 350

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The Element Air™ Carbon adsorbers are available in three sizes to cover a wide range of air flows and grow sizes. Air flow ranges from 150 CFM to 400 CFM with the capacity to treat from 500 sq ft to 2,000 sq ft with one adsorber. Contact time is critical to odor removal performance and Element Air™ Carbon offers bed depths up to 32” with contact time over three seconds. Activated carbon filter media change-out is quick and easy with no messy refill required onsite. Once an Element Air™ Carbon adsorber reaches capacity, we’ll exchange the entire drum and either dispose of the used carbon, or reactivate for continued use.


•Cultivation Rooms
•Large Harvest Rooms
•Processing Rooms

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Materials: Steel with exterior enamel and interior epoxy
Activated Carbon: 4×8 mesh granular activated carbon
Electrical: 115V/208-230V, 60 HZ
Warranty: 1 year
Item# EAC-55 EAC-85 EAC-110
Treatment Area: 500 to 1,000 sq ft 1,000 to 1,500 sq ft 1,500 to 2,000 sq ft
Replacement Media: EAC-55-RM EAC-85-RM EAC-110-RM
lbs. of carbon: 150 300 400
Weight: 210 lbs. 390 lbs. 520 lbs.