The Ecophan blower module is used primarily to for re-circulation or creation of negative and positive isolation room pressure environments. Utilizing ‘intelligent’ motor technology, the Ecophan offers energy savings along with automated operation where exact room pressurization monitoring is required to maintain uninterrupted positive or negative pressure environments. Combine the Ecophan with our Microcon® ExC7 HEPA filtration unit and Accustat room pressure monitor for complete negative or positive isolation room solutions.

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• Create negative and/or positive pressure isolation rooms
• Intelligent motor offers automation and energy savings
• Combine with ExC7 Filter module for HEPA/UV air purification
• Ceiling mounted, easily installed for multiple air flow configurations
• Automated Operation with ACCUSTAT™ 'PR' Isolation Room Monitor
• Dual voltage, variable speed blower (delivered) range from 0 to 850 CFM
• 12” inlet and outlet exhaust duct collars

Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms for treatments of patients infected with Tuberculosis TB, H1N1 Swine Flu, H5N1 Avian Bird Flu.

Create or Convert Rooms:
- Negative Air Pressure Isolation Rooms
- Negative Pressure Ventilation Isolation Rooms
- Architects AAI Negative Pressure Hospital HVAC Systems
- AIR Airborne Isolation Room

Positive Pressure Isolation Rooms for treatments of patients infected with HIV Patients and Bone Marrow Transplants

Create or Convert Rooms:
- Positive Air Pressure Isolation Rooms
- Positive Pressure Ventilation Isolation Rooms
- Architects AAI Positive Pressure Hospital HVAC Systems
- AIR Airborne Isolation Room

Diseases subject to Negative Pressure Isolation Rooms
- Diphtheria
- Type M TB Tuberculosis
- MDR TB Tuberculosis
- Measles
- Varicella (Chickenpox) including disseminated Herpes Zoster
- Rubella
- Pertussis
- Mumps
- Invasive N Meningitidis Disease
- Invasive H Influenza Disease

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Feature Description Additional Info
Voltage 115 / 230VAC 50/60Hz l Ph
FLA Amps 15/230V 4.0A/2.0A @50Hz l 15/230V 4.5A/2.3A @60Hz Typical Power 9W -525W @ 45 – 850 CFM
Facility Power Interface 6 feet (1.8 m) 14/2 Romex Double-Pole Circuit Breaker Pre-Installed on Blower Module Chassis Breaker / On/Off Switch
12VDC Power lnternal 12VDC power Universal Internal Module Standard -20W max
CFM -Free Air 1350+ CFM @0.0″ WC
CFM-Delivered Air 0-850+ CFM@ .O”-1.36″ WC
Mount Position ALL POSITIONS
Hangers 4ea. Suspension Hangers 4-Eye bolt hardware – Included
Chassis 16ga Steel 16ga Galvanized Steel, Epoxy Pointed
Duct Collars 30.5cm Diam. x 5mm high (12″Diam x 2″high) 2ea-lntake ond Exhaust 35.5cm to 25.4cm (12″ to 10″) optional Adaptors
Weight 19kg (42LBS) Eq/w Intake and Exhaust Collars
Dimensions 35cm X 38cm x 42cm 13.75″xl5″xl6.5″ (W x L x H) L = 15″ chassis +2 x2″ duct collar=l9″ total
L = 38cm chassis + 2 x 5cm duct collar =48 cm total
Bearing Type Ball Permanently Lubricated
Thermal. Protection Auto-Reset Thermal Overload
Speed Control Various Input Options Low voltage PWM input (0-10 VD()
dB Sound Very Low Speed and location dependant
Agency Approvals UUCSA CE and ROHS Compliant UL507 and CSA C22.2