The MICROCON® AS is a HEPA filtered combination air scrubber and negative air machine. It is primarily designed for use during construction and disaster restoration projects. It is specifically designed for removal and containment of airborne pollutants such as mold spores and other hazardous airborne debris generated during the remediation process. Designed for versatility and portability, it can be utilized as either a negative air machine or air scrubber. During remediation activities significant amounts of airborne particulate, mold spores, bio-aerosols, gas phase pollutants and odors are continually generated.

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The unit can be set-up to create negative pressure by drawing air from an enclosed space using flexible ducting. This will allow contamination to be contained and prevent migration of pollutants outside the pressurized area during the construction process. As an air scrubber it is portable, compact, lightweight, and maneuverable for an individual to transport. Making it ideal for small volume applications and where space restrictions exist.

The MICROCON® AS Air Scrubber will provide high volume air changes of HEPA filtered air to achieve the required air changes per hour (ACH). For in-room air cleaning and the removal of gas phase pollutants the addition of a carbon cell filter is needed.

The housing is heavy duty galvanized steel with a baked on enamel finish. A convenient fold down carrying handle is fastened to the top surface. A front mounted recessed panel houses a magnehelic gauge to monitors filter performance, a re-settable digital hour meter to register usage, an illuminated rocker switch indicates operation and a re-settable surface mounted circuit breaker. The fan is maintenance-free and the certified HEPA filter is a high capacity design with a self sealing disposable ring panel pre-filter. A carbon cell can also be added. Filter change-out is easy and safe. Hazardous filters can be removed safely using a bag-out disposal system. A 10" duct collar is attached to the inlet face and air is exhausted through a 6" x 9" duct opening. An optional steel panel with a 10" duct collar can be attached over the exhaust opening for flex duct attachment.

• Creates Negative air pressure
• Air scrubber during restoration
• Portable/versatile
• HEPA filtered
• High CFM capacity

MICROCON® AS Air Scrubber – UV units are also available with the addition of UV germicidal lamps downstream of the HEPA filter.