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Fin Saver®

RGF’s patented Fin Saver® was specifically designed for the HVAC/R industry for advanced corrosion protection of HVAC compressor lines, coils and fins by fighting galvanic and formicary corrosion. The Fin Saver® can be split and mounted by the condenser and evaporator coil for added protection.

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Model # Fit these pipe sizes PDF
FS 375 3/8”

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FS 500 1/2”

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FS 625 5/8”

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FS 750 3/4"

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FS 875 7/8”

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FS 1125 1-1/8”

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RGF’s Fin Saver® comes in six different sizes, to fit pipes from 3/8” to 1 1/8”, has 3.5 times the surface area and up to 2.5 times the weight of competitive ‘zincs’ for greater protection against corrosion. RGF’s patented design is specifically engineered for ease of installation and is used for enhanced protection of both aluminum and copper components. The Fin Saver® alloy has shown greater corrosion protection rates in salt spray testing (ASTM B-117) compared with typical marine-grade for boat ‘zincs’.

The high surface area of the Fin Saver® is designed specifically to enhance the sacrificial corrosion activity and provides for a more efficient path for the galvanic protection to occur, which in turn promotes enhanced protection of the coils, fins and copper lines.

• Engineered specifically for the HVAC/R Industry.
• Specialty zinc alloy for enhanced protection of both aluminum and copper components.
• ASTM B-117 testing.
• High surface area design: 3.5 times the overall surface area of the competitor (The greater the surface area, the greater the protection)
• Higher mass design: Up to 2.5 times the weight of competing products.
• Units can be split and surface mounted to increase application sites for corrosion protection.
• Easy install - only requires a standard #2 Philips screwdriver.
• Reduces vibration.
• Competitively priced.

HVAC and Refrigeration market

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Model # Fit these pipe sizes
FS375 3/8”
FS500 1/2”
FS625 5/8”
FS750 3/4″
FS875 7/8”
FS1125 1-1/8”
Patent #s Patent No. 8,999,138

Patent No. D668,739 S

Patent No. D668,738 S

Material Zinc alloy
Installation Phillips Head Screwdriver