AFL’s Safety Oil Sump (SOS)

The Safety Oil Sump is a complete oil spill protection system. Available in several sizes, to accommodate flow rates of 0-1,400 GPM (5,300 L/min), installed down stream from bulk fuel or oil locations. Rain run-off and wastewater pass through the sump and are discharged. Bulk oil is stopped by way of an AFL Oil Stop Valve (OSV). The OSV has only one moving part, a ballasted float set at a specific gravity (0.95 or less) between that of oil and water. When an oil spill occurs, the float loses buoyancy as the oil level increases until it finally seats itself on the discharge port. Thus, the oil spill is confined.

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• Large access manway with SS hinge and lockable hatch
• All external surfaces are covered with a chemically resistant, ultraviolet stabilized, white polyester gelcoat
• Corrosion resistant and durable
• Easy low cost installation
• Dependable gravity operation via specific gravity
• Single mechanical moving part
• Large flow capacity
• Self-opening (Slave Valve option)
• No power required
• Flow rates to 1400 GPM (5,299 L/min) through a single valve
• Discharge heights and direction can be custom engineered for your specific application.
• ASTM 150 Lb. bolt-together discharge flanges are available upon request.
• Oil level visual indicator and/or audible alarms are available. Either on site or remote.
• Oil Stop Valve Sizes: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”

• Electrical transformers
• Oil storage areas
• Electric utilities and power plants
• Transportation fueling systems
• Transportation and equipment wash pads
• Post-Oil Water Separator
• Airports and aircraft services
• Military and government facilities
• Petroleum marketing facilities
• Power plant substations


  • Slave Valve (Recommended)
    • The slave valve allows for automatic operation of the main float. The slave valve is recommended if evaporation or leaky manholes cause the main float to close due to lack of water. Once rain water enters the manhole, the slave valve will open and equalize the pressure allowing the main float to reopen. In the event of an oil spill, the slave valve float and the main float will close, containing the spill.
  • Freeze protection package (Immersion heater)
    • Flanged immersion heater(s) which can be bolted directly to the tank. The heating system is thermostatically controlled. Weather and explosion proof enclosures are available for the various controls
  • Product pump-out systems
    • Automate the transfer of product from the built-in reservoir of an oil/water separator to either an integral or separate storage facility. System consists of at least one pump with motor, a level switch and control panel.
  • Sludge pump-out systems
    • A sludge pump-out system consists of a diaphragm pump, an enclosed control panel, wiring, and plumbing to the point of sludge origination. The pump used in these sludge handling systems is a self-priming diaphragm type. It pumps almost anything that passes through the suction line: sludge, mud, sand, and machining chips.
  • Water/Oil level switch
    • Is connected to either visual/audio alarms or computer controls for overflow warning and prevention
  • Height extension
    • Available for flush and below grade units
  • Fiberglass or Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel or PVC Oil Stop Valve
  • Special resins for fiberglass construction
  • FRP/CPVC piping
  • Full array of Nema enclosures
  • IDEC/Allen Bradley control system