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Wholesale & Distribution, Fall 2015 – A Clean Business

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Western Food Processor, Fall 2014 – Photohydroionization®

PDF RGF Environmental Photohydroionization® for Meat Processors “How Does It Work” RIVIERA BEACH, FL-OCTOBER 22, 2013– Photohydroionization®, PHI for short, is a chemical-free, natural, green and environmentally-friendly advanced oxidation technology which utilizes broad spectrum ultraviolet light rays in conjunction with a catalytic target. PHI’s UV combined with Advanced Oxidation has consistently outperformed traditional chemical sanitation […]

Carnetec, September 2014

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Refrigerated and Frozen Foods, September 2014

PDF How Photohydroionization Technology Mitigates Microbial Pathogen Count Food safety happens. But, so does food prevention. That’s why today’s cold food processors are installing technologies designed to help them produce safer food. Enter photohydroionization (PHI) technology, an all-natural oxidation technology that acts as an additional strategic intervention for trimmings and whole muscle. The PHI technology […]

Envision, The World’s First Environmentally Friendly Mega Yacht

Envision, The World’s First Environmentally Friendly Mega Yacht Where Technology Meets the High Seas! By Devon Julian From the moment you set your eyes on this yacht it is hard and work began at the Riviera Yacht Center in Riviera to believe. Step inside, take the tour, and you will really be Beach, Florida, just […]

RGF’s High Speed Fiber Laser

RGF’s Mean, green, eco-friendly machine to be on display

RGF Molto Bene

Envirovision used at Molto Bene

RGF Environmental Group Food Sanitation Video

Explanation of Food Sanitation using RGF products

RGF Food Sanitation Video Spanish Version

Spanish version of Food Sanitation and use of RGF products

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Salmon Case Study

FISH PROCESSING Alpha Processing, Port Hardy B.C. SITUATION Farm raised Atlantic salmon. Also processed fish from other sources. Produces 20,000 tons per year. Producing 60-70,000 gallons of wastewater per day with high levels of blood and fecal matter. Local sewer plant will not accept the water. Must discharge to the ocean. Salmon fingerlings are grown […]   Read More
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Poultry Case Study

POULTRY PROCESSING Sunshine Farms Poultry – West Palm Beach, FL SITUATION Company was cited with the most health violations in South Florida in 1998. USDA inspectors gave 90 days to come into compliance or close the doors. 275 laborers would lose jobs. Company was fined for high BOD levels in discharge water. PROBLEMS Elevated bacteria […]   Read More
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Chopped Celery Case Study

CHOPPED CELERY SITUATION Unprocessed celery has high levels of dirt and other microorganisms because it grows so close to the ground. Washing before chopping consumes large quantities of water and can be very costly. Many plants recycle the wash water to lower costs. PROBLEMS Recycled wash water builds up high levels of bacteria which remain […]   Read More

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