Eliminate your Chances for Food Contamination

According to a recent study by the Center for Disease Control, contaminated food consumed in the United States has resulted in excess of 48 million illnesses, more than 125,000 hospitalizations, and more than 3,000 deaths occurring every year. Diseases caused by contaminated food constitute one of the most widespread health problems and are an important cause of reduced economic productivity. The majority of foodborne diseases are caused by biological agents, i.e. bacteria, viruses and parasites (Economic Research Service-USDA). The combination of the rising adverse health costs, corporate liability, along with wasted food through spoilage, can be reduced if the frequency of microbial contamination affecting our food supply is curbed, or better yet, eliminated. RGF uses various technologies to provide microbial reductions in food processing plants. Most notably is our patented oxidation gas called Photohydroionization ® (PHI). PHI is a chemical free, advanced oxidation technology utilizing high intensity broad spectrum ultraviolet light rays on a hydrated quad-metallic catalytic target. The resulting oxidizers, such as hydro peroxides, are very effective and also safe to use in occupied spaces when workers are present. This technology is used for treatment of plant airas well as equipment surfaces and direct treatment of product. RGF also offers advanced oxidation systems for treatment of water, to use in your process or for plant equipment wash down as well as systems for treatment of brine and marinade solutions.