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AFL’s mission is to market cost efficient, engineered solutions and products that satisfy the needs of the water pollution control customer.

Founded in 1970, AFL industries, made its initial breakthrough in the manufacture of wastewater treatment equipment with the introduction of the first and original pre-fabricated oil/water separator to meet or exceed every design parameter published by the American Petroleum Institute (API). In 1976, the development of a coalescing-type separator, the Vertical Tube Coalescer (VTC), revolutionized classical liquid-liquid separation techniques. Improved efficiency and a much smaller envelope are two of the many benefits enjoyed by over 15,000 satisfied VTC users worldwide.

To broaden its scope of pollution solutions, AFL incorporated the oil stop valve. A spill prevention device that is easily installed and stops bulk petroleum products from entering the environment.

In 2013, AFL was acquired by RGF Environmental Group, Inc. The company, now a division of RGF, maintains it’s emphasis on the economical engineering and construction of custom treatment projects. AFL’s in-house Applications and Project Departments, staffed with full complements of mechanical, electrical, structural and environmental engineers, can assist your firm from conceptual stages through the final design.